Governor Bill Walker & Others Are Under Investigation By The Securities & Exchange Commission For Alleged Conspiracy To Commit Securities Fraud, Forgery & Other Crimes

Contributed by Anonymous, because it is not about me

A Palmer, Alaska man has filed a Federal Whistle Blower complaint with the Securities and Exchange Commission against Bill Walker, State of Alaska, Alaska Bar Association, most if not all Judges, Department of Motor Vehicles, Alaska Court System,  J.P. Morgan and others  for alleged  Conspiracy to commit securities fraud, forgery, stock fraud, robo signing of many traffic tickets .

The Palmer man said the easiest way to explain the alleged crimes is by explaining
What happens to a $ 100.00 traffic ticket?

When you get pulled over by the police he/she gives you  two (2) parts of the ticket one (1) for your records and one (1) for you to sign and send back to the court, or to go to court and fight the ticket. Then there is a third (3rd) part of the ticket you never see this part goes to the court this is where the alleged securities fraud and forgery comes in.  Remember when you got an ID card or your driver license and you signed your name on that screen at the DMV and it magically appeared on your new ID or DL.  Well someone in the court had your name transferred from the Department of Motor Vehicles signature pad to your ticket at the court house without your permission or knowledge.

This alleged forged fraudulent ticket is then put through the Court Registry  Investment System also known as “CRIS “Accounts this is where J.P. Morgan bundles and securitized tickets before you even show up in court for the first time. The signature on this ticket will be an identical shadow image of one of your signatures at the DMV. The court gets $100.00.
Then if you go to the court and fight the ticket and you lose and have to sign and pay the ticket. Now the court has a second signed security plus $100.00 cash. The court puts the signed security through the CRIS Account and J.P. Morgan securitized it. The court gets $200.00. The City or State only gets a percentage of the cash, not the securities.  
Or you could win? Only because the court has to appear to be doing justice every now and then, but the court still made $100.00 and the city or state gets no money.

Judges have a bias against you and me because they have a vested financial interest in every case that comes through their court room doors.

All Alaska Courts are listed on the New York Stock Exchange through Dun and Bradstreet Number 36-070-4381 this # is for the headquarters court in Anchorage, each court has a different number, but you and I cannot buy stocks in the courts.

Because the court brought in $300.00 in alleged fraudulent tickets its stock increased by $300.00 you now have alleged fraudulent stocks and bundled securities for a total of $600.00 on a $100.00 traffic ticket. 

Your signature can be sent across state lines and multiple traffic tickets can be written by adding   -1,-2,-3, etc, etc, etc…. or –a,-b,-c, etc., etc., etc.… after the ticket #.

Even if you win in court or your case was dismissed you cannot have your name removed from the court record, the reason is the court has a security out with your alleged forged name on it.

Now if you use the same process in criminal cases this is why the cops or prosecutor likes to charge you with as many criminal charges as they can even if they do not fit the crime. Each charge has its own money value and some are in the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. 
When Gov. Bill Walker signing HB 11 which went into effect October 1, 2016
This new law only removes your name from criminal cases off the states computer system but not from the courts spread sheet. A spread sheet has to be kept for tracking their securities (YOU). If they remove your name from the spread sheet they would also have to remove the security, the only problem is no one knows who owns that security, because securities are bundled in 50 to 75 million dollars each and sold by J.P. Morgan.

On December 1, 1990 H.R. 5316 in Title IV of that act it relieved all judges of any loyalty to the Constitution or to the people who pay their wages $$$ by changing the oath of judges. And they call it the “Judicial Improvement Act of 1990”?

Bill Walker is the highest judicial official in the State of Alaska and either knew or should have known of these alleged fraudulent securities and stocks.

This investigation against Bill Walker and others was started on or around February 4, 2017 and is still going on today.