Joint Resolution Developed on Criminal Justice Reform

Contributed by Wanda V. Greene

 The Anchorage NAACP has partnered with the Alaska Republican Party to develop and provide a joint resolution calling for a criminal justice reform to be developed and established in the state of Alaska.

 The leaders of both organizations, NAACP Anchorage, President, Wanda V. Greene, and Alaska Republican Party, Chairman, Peter S. Goldberg, on March 26, 2016, signed a joint resolution to agree to the establishment of Criminal Justice Reform for the state of Alaska.

Every year, Alaska spends approximately $150.00 per inmate per day which is a significant expense to the state of Alaska and taxpayers to keep folks incarcerated.  Now, just to put that in perspective, for 500 inmates at $150.00 per day, 365 days a year costs $27,375,000. It’s a lot of money for what we spend to keep everyone locked up for one year.

“In far too many cases, the punishment simply does not fit the crime. There should be accountability, but in far too many instances the punishment is disproportionate to the crime. It would be more beneficial if we invested more in treatment, rehabilitation and education” said Wanda V. Greene, President, NAACP, Anchorage.