Meet Lyle

Contributed by Angie Lewis, President of Alaska Animal Advocates

Lyle’s feet never touched the grass, he never smelled the fresh air and he was never able to run in the wind. Well, those days of “never” are over for Lyle. This sweet four to six year old Chihuahua was born and raised in a puppy mill. He was used for breeding, so that his “owner” could make money.  

This little fellow has made huge strides in learning what it means to be a dog. Lyle would be happiest in a home with adults, as he is understandably quite timid. He gets along with other dogs, but is quite frightened of new things; so he would need a small adjustment period.     

If you would like to show Lyle what a dog’s life can be like, please email Alaska Animal Advocates at or call Donna at 315-5050