Contributed by Anna Altair

Scoliosis often shows up about the time puberty shows up. When parents notice, they usually start reminding the child to "Stand up straight".

Usually, the child really does try, but the pull on the muscles creating the curved spine is very strong and they lapse into the slump once more.  

This happened to me and I have spent many decades learning how to correct the curve for myself and for others who present with this dilemma.

In 1998, a girl of 11 came to the office with a severe scoliosis, displaying a hump on her right shoulder that was as big as my grandmother's. She was a very active child who ran track and took dancing lessons. She was a cheerleader at her grade school and a top student. Her parents had heard of the method called NERI and thought it was worth a try before the surgical route.  

We made a mark on the wall of her height, 60 inches, just reaching 5 feet. We did the work and measured her at the end of the 90 minute session - 61.5 inches. Her parents noted she stretched every which way to lengthen into her newly found 1.5 inches that day. She continued to grow tall and strong and without the scoliosis, ending at 66 inches within the next couple years. She remained a top student, and enjoyed gymnastics and dancing all through junior high school. We saw her a few other times. After that, she didn't need us and we lost track of her.

That was a great demonstration of what the NERI process can do and a primary reason of why I devoted my life to bringing this work to the public.

NERI locks in for life, after it is completed. It is a gentle process.

If you or a child you know is suffering with scoliosis, please come to our office for a free consultation and evaluation. I found this method when I was over half a century old and it took 85% of my constant pain away, so adults can undergo the treatments as well. It is worth a consideration.  

Dr. Anna Altair of Altair Chiropractic has worked in the valley for 12 years and helped many children and adults.  Her office is on the Palmer-Wasilla Highway across from the bowling alley. 907-357-1818