Wright For Alaska

Contributed by Wright for Alaska

My fellow Alaskans, Stephen and Andrew are both running from the valley for election in 2016. Stephen and his son Andrew are from Wasilla, Alaska. 

Stephen Wright, 46, is running for US Congress House Representative against Don Young who has been the House Representative for Alaska for 43 years. Stephen feels it’s time for Don Young to retire and wants to throw him a retirement party. He has plenty of educational and work experience to qualify as a Congressman. He has an accounting degree (BA), a health administration degree (MBA) and he worked as Resource Advisor in US Air Force and a teacher in rural Alaska for a year. Most importantly, he has the heart and soul to serve. He’s a veteran of 22 years and he is a true conservative pro-life. Yes guns, less government control and more private sector earning power.

With all the lobbyist and special interest around the capitals, we need someone to step up and fight for the people. The private sector always has a greater impact than the government or contracted public sector has. We need people who will work tirelessly for the people and not over stay their welcome. 

If you are tired of Don, he’s your man. He also feels that it is important to have turn over in public office to limit corruption and keep government honest. He will only work for Alaskans’ interest and none else. Among his goals is to return federal lands back to Alaska and promote less government with a stronger incentive for keeping what is truly Alaskan like the PFD Alaskan. To read more about him, go to his link: stephenwrightalaska.com. You can also see his Facebook pages: Stephen Wright for Congress 2016, Wright for Alaska. 

Andrew Wright, 21, is running for Alaska House Representative for District 10.  He’s fed up with Governor Walker’s over-spending on State budgets, over-reach on the PFD and his expensive yet unprofitable natural gas pipeline project. Governor Walker could bankrupt Alaska if he gets his way. Andrew feels he can be an influence to stop Governor Walker before it’s too late.  

Like his father, Andrew also has the conservative values and he’s always interested in politics and public affairs locally and globally. He has a Facebook page called Fight4PFD.  He is a graduate of Wasilla High School class of 2013.  

Dear fellow Alaskans, the future of Alaska is in your hands. Show up and vote for them as the primary season is upon us. Early voting begins August 1 and goes through August 16th with the general elections on November 8th. Don’t forget to make you vote count and vote for the Wrights for your rights.