A Warrior's Pride

Contributed by James Charles Hastings

I had a long and deep visit today with a struggling young warrior who was feeling lost and defeated after learning that his combat injuries had caused him to no longer be of useful service in the Army. 

Those who have never been denied a dream may not understand how crushing this can be to someone who agreed to dedicate everything for others. 

He said to me that he could care less now what anyone thought of him because of this. What a common emotion for such a situation. And I know, as did he, that deep down in his being that was one of the very paramount concerns he had. But facing that was harder that just convincing himself that he did not care.

Learning/teaching moment:

I believe that we all really do care what other folks think or believe about us as individuals. I've heard it said that pride cometh before a fall and to a degree and in the improper dosage that's a fact indeed. However our pride is our armor. Our weakness. Our banner if you will.

Pride in our thoughts, actions, and words must be a driving factor in our life lest we become mere animals.

Had we no pride, why would we shower, put on deodorant, cut our hair, wear clothes, pursue love interests or even bother to get out of bed? 

Pride demands that we do care and must care or we are of no service, and no value to ourselves, and to society as a whole. 

We may have times when we are emotionally challenged and the wall seems just too tall to climb. But we must care for or actions, words, and our thoughts as they may be the very grip
that others use to hold on themselves. 

When we open the gate to defeat on the long term, we allow or cause others to follow. 

So I say lead. Lead with pride and honor and dedication to yourself and to your fellow humans so that together we are strong. 

Care what others believe about you because you define that belief by your existence. Carry your banner high and show why you care. 

Be of strong character. 

Be of substance. 

Be of service. 

Be the rock to which others can cling to in the storms of life. 
But for the love of life, of self, for others and with God's gifts simply strive to be.

May your day be blessed as each of mine are humbly blessed.

May you have all that you need and may you have the strength and resolve to share what's extra with those suffering to succeed.

Life is amazing when you care. 

Live it. Laugh through it until the end. Love it all!