Isn't it Time to End the Shell Game?

Contributed by Bruce Walden, Veteran's Party of Alaska Candidate for US Senate

This nation is $19 trillion in debt and rising quickly to $20 T. Let us put that in perspective. The American dollar bill is .0043 inches in thickness. If you took nineteen trillion of them and stacked them up, you’d have five stacks that reach the moon and a sixth that that would reach two thirds of the way there. Did you hear me, people?

That is over $60,000 in debt for every single American. The IG of the Federal Reserve recently admitted that the Fed has lost $9 Trillion! They just lost it like it went down the sofa cushions. And she shrugged it off like a child who’s lost his lunch money. That’s close to $30,000 you owe for that nine trillion they lost and can’t account for.

Friends, how did we get here? Was it the Democrats? Yep, but guess who else helped them. You guessed it. The Republicans aren’t clean in this either. 

From the time I was 18 until very recently I was a member of the Republican Party and faithfully so, but with the 114th Congress I saw the Republicans turn into the Democrats as the Democrats had turned into the fully-fledged socialists. You can hate me for saying it, but prove me wrong.

I decided that it was time for a voice to be heard that has not had its chance. We who are Independents, Third Party folks and so forth (I’m a member of the Veterans Party of Alaska) have had enough. We’ve seen the buying of the candidates by the lobbyists and the people have gotten very sick and tired of it.

We see how Lisa Murkowski has walked in lock step with Obama and there are those who defend her by saying she is the most powerful woman in America. Well, be that as it may, it’s time for something new, wouldn’t you say? And do you really expect to fix it by electing another career guy right out of her party?

How about a candidate who does not wait for the handlers to tell him how to vote, or what to propose? Or would you perhaps like a candidate who not only thinks for himself, but who has written book after book about how things might be fixed. I learned in Special Forces that you never point out a problem without offering a solution. Wouldn’t that be refreshing?

Okay, you want to sell gas, or coal, or oil (if we ever get any of that out of the ground) to Korea?  How about a man who attended the same school as South Korean President, Park Geun-hye, and who speaks her language as his second language? Special Forces saw to it I could speak Korean.  

Okay, we’re neighbors with Russia. How about a senator from Alaska who speaks decent of Russian, or one who speaks German, and other languages? Might this be very good for the one state that straddles the International Date Line? How about a guy who can chat about oil with the Arabs (if I must) because he speaks their language passably?

To those in the remote villages, let’s say you have internet and phones. Would you like a senator who’ll go out and strive to bring in tech support jobs into those villages, a thing I dreamed up and which I’ve dubbed “Bush Sourcing”. How about putting your local schools “on the cloud” so that one skilled teacher can teach classes in several villages and bring the education system alongside the rest of the state (whose schools also need to be improved vastly)? We’re either 49th or dead last in the nation.

In my book, Wickedness in High Places, I go into detail and show how this enormous national debt is sort of a smoke and mirrors kind of gig. Prove me wrong. I followed the philosophy of watching our pennies and letting the dollars see to themselves. I went into the numbers revealed by this outfit’s own websites and showed the pork, and wasteful spending.  

Friends, before I got half way through Obama’s cabinet, I had seen that between six and ten years, the entire national debt could be eliminated – and that without sending you one red cent in new taxation. But who am I? I’m not one of the slick politicians who has been groomed by party big wigs for those positions.

Alaska, it’s time for the shell game to end. We move the same faces around from one office to another and we get nothing in return except more of the same. If you are ready for real change, consider voting for me for US Senate.  

Visit my page at I hope to see you on the trail.