The Alaska Barefoot Mile - Friday, June 17th!

Contributed by JOY International & MyHouse

The 2nd Annual Alaska Barefoot Mile in Wasilla to benefit child sex slavery rescue efforts.

Dr. Jeff Brodsky, President and Founder of JOY International®, will be in Wasilla on Friday, June 17th at Wonderland Park, 500 W. Nelson Avenue to raise awareness about the tragedy of child trafficking around the world. This will also be an opportunity raise funds for global rescue operations as well as to benefit Wasilla’s own MyHouse, which meets the needs of homeless youth in and around Wasilla. 

In a sea of attendees, Dr. Jeff will be the 63 year old Santa Claus look-a-like who has been totally barefoot (even during the winters at his home base in the mountains of Colorado) for the last 6 years in solidarity with impoverished and desperate children sold into the world of sex trafficking. 

No shoes or socks for 2,152 days (as of today), Dr. Jeff and his organization, JOY International, will be in Wasilla on Friday, June 17th to lead a walk of everyday heroes of every age. Asking for area residents to join him, the event will include those determined to raise awareness for the children sold into sex slavery one “Barefoot Step” at a time. 

Held at Wonderland Park in Wasilla, the event will include a shoes optional one-mile walk for its attendees. While walking barefoot is encouraged, it is not mandatory. Hoping to encourage compassion for the children who are lost to a world they never could have imagined, the Barefoot Mile event will be one small part of a 35-year effort. 

Brodsky said of the organization’s mission, “I have been fighting child trafficking for over 10 years and I can assure you it is without questions the worst, most evil, heinous crime ever perpetrated against a child since the dawn of creation. We have rescued children as young as 4-years-old from brothels. This work is the most important work I have ever done.” 

A resident in the mountains of Colorado, Dr. Jeff is a best-selling author and global public speaker, Brodsky’s JOY International coordinates the rescue of children and then works diligently to restore and reintegrate the rescued victim back into a healthy home life. Their teams then work to prevent further commercial sexual exploitation wherever they find it. 

Actively working with like-minded organizations in relevant geographical locations like Cambodia, Thailand, India and many other locations around the world, JOY International links arms with police, task forces and prosecutors. Helping to bring captors to justice, Brodsky is determined to see children released from the child sex trade and brought full-circle. That entails healing emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. JOY International partners with safe houses and rehabilitation professionals poised to do just that. 

Brodsky adds, “Depending on the age of a rescued victim, our safe homes work to educate and train survivors in relevant schooling and job placement courses. That prepares them to integrate back into society as healthy, educated and trained adults when they are ready.” JOY International also sponsors young women’s continuing education costs, providing them an opportunity to go to university and end the poverty cycle. 

The Alaska Barefoot Mile will also benefit local organization, MyHouse, as JOY International with MyHouse and gives their highest endorsement. Dr. Jeff says, “In my travels around the world I meet and work with many individuals and organizations that fight child and human trafficking in various ways. Michelle Overstreet of MyHouse has become a close friend and co-worker in this fight, as MyHouse is a powerful force, especially in restoration and prevention efforts. I am honored to call MyHouse a partner organization.”

 About JOY International: 

Founded 34 years ago by Dr. Jeff Brodsky, JOY International is a non-profit organization devoted to the rescue and restoration of children who are sold into commercial sexual exploitation. A worldwide effort, in the past 10+ years, JOY International has helped rescue more than 1,000 children, teens and young women. 

About Dr. Jeff Brodsky: 

Jeff Brodsky was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He is the author of a best-selling book published in four languages about the rite of passage entitled “Stepping into Adulthood.” His new book (currently titled “The JOY of Freedom”) about his work in child trafficking is due for release in September along with a children’s book titled “Why Are You Barefoot?” He travels more than 150,000 miles a year to fight child trafficking and has spoken in more than 60 nations. 

Come and walk the Barefoot Mile with Dr. Jeff and many others at:

The Barefoot Mile, Saturday, June 4th at Wonderland Park, 500 W. Nelson Ave., Wasilla. Registration Begins at 5:00pm the walk begins at 6:00pm 

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