Valley Revival


The Matanuska-Susitna Valley, carved by the Matanuska, Knik, and Susitna Rivers, begins in Palmer and Wasilla, extending out to Talkeetna, Alaska and beyond. Brewing in the DIY backyard office of Local Motion Entertainment in Wasilla, is Valley Revival 2016.  Members of the local band Transitions, Dustin Thewind and Dalton Mullinax, are hoping to spread the already bustling music scene in Anchorage back out into the rest of the Valley.  

“There aren't any all age venues in the Valley anymore. We got sick of it, so we decided to do something about it.” Dalton said.

The boys teamed together and created Local Motion Entertainment, a non-profit promotional organization focused on growing and strengthening the local music community in Alaska.  

Dustin, Dalton, and their bandmates, grew up watching and rocking out with their peers. They also remember watching venues in the Valley slowly shut down until the only places left to play were all in Anchorage. With the establishment of the Local Motion, the boys are hoping to help build the Valley’s music scene, and finally feed the need for live, original music, starting in Wasilla. 

"Last summer’s shows were the first shows in Wasilla in a long time, and we don't want to see that happen again," said Dustin. 

The team at Local Motion is getting ready to host the second annual Valley Revival this summer. They plan to provide mini games and competitions between sets, collect donations, and provide a platform for underage musicians and their friends. And with the generous help of local businesses, concessions and prizes have been donated to the event this year. Bands from all over the state of Alaska have donated their time and merchandise for their causes, and everyone is hoping for a true revival this year. 

"We've got all kinds of bands on the bill this year," said Dalton. "We've got Awaken Antagonist and The Artificer from Fairbanks coming down. We've got Illuminance from Kenai. We've got The Quiet Cull and Carneum from Palmer. There's Zombie Unicorn, Spitshine, Decepticide, Shifter, and The Jephries, all from Anchorage. Antigen, Eventides, and 3 Kisses from Wasilla. And then there's almost every finalist from this year's Battle for Warped Tour, which is Bulletproof Jay, Atlas, Brothers in Arms, Old Hounds. And us, of course."

You can join the festivities, for free, every Friday this July, from 4:00pm – 10:00pm at Wonderland Park in Wasilla, starting on July 1st. There will be the added bonus of contests with prizes, mini games between sets, killer live music, and of course, tons of hot dogs. They are also collecting for various local causes, including MY House and the Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry. So come swing by and make a donation for these events! 

“We want this (Valley Revival) to be all fun and games, but we also can't forget what we're doing here. We are trying to revive a music scene. These kind of things don't just happen on their own. You can’t sit around and wait for it to happen. You have to do it yourself.” – Dustin Thewind, Transitions.

"Transitions and Local Motion would like to give a big thank you to everyone who has supported our efforts to expand the local music community in the past year: The City of Wasilla and the Museum of Alaska Transportation and Industry for providing the space for our projects to grow, all the bands and musicians who have provided us their time and talents, and of course, the Alaskan music community for allowing us to share our art with you." -Local Motion Entertainment