Self-Care Convention & Concert: Divinely You!

Contributed by Antiqua Libbey

Alaska is ranked one of the top states for abuse and violent crimes. Let’s change this.

Have you heard this before too? Maybe you have even been a victim of the abuse yourself. The common belief is that this is a one-sided deal. That women are the only ones being abused, or kids, but honestly the more I look into this epidemic, the more I see that it isn’t a segregated issue; it affects us all. 

So how do we change it?  How do we protect the next generation? 

As a trauma specialist, self-care coach and advocate for survivors of all forms of trauma, I have had the opportunity to speak with 100s of women and men about the side effects of both prolonged abuse and single event traumas. What I found may shock you. The most damaging effect isn’t what you may think. 

The most common side effect is negative self-image and worth. This one symptom turns many who were abused into repeat victims or worse abusers themselves.  

I know, what creates confidence is self-awareness, to know, and be in control of your personal power. When have you ever heard of a happy, confident person beating another person up?

You don’t. 

Over the last decade, I have dedicated myself to creating programs, and an online community of self-development coaches to help you celebrate and feel great about being you. 

This year we have added another layer of greatness to our quest to end abuse, our Divinely YOU 501-C3. This organization is raising awareness and money to give out scholarships to members of our community who need it most. The men and women who are ready to take their power back and end the cycle of abuse in their lives.  

I have often noticed when coming out of abuse (of any kind) the victim has great intentions to change their pattern, but lacks knowledge and support – mainly money. This is why Divinely YOU has put together a scholarship fund for those in need. Will you help us, help others? 

Adding your tax deductible donation here; and come out July 23rd from 11-5 at the Palmer Alehouse as we celebrate YOU with music, self-empowerment workshops, and family fun. Our events are designed to not only raise money and awareness but consciousness and love as well. Enjoy music from Element 47 while supporting this great local organization!