Lost & Found "Deportment"

Contributed by Dick Palmatier

Lost! Now where did I put that? I've already checked my pockets. Not there. But where?
How about that top drawer in my bedroom dresser? Hope. That junk drawer in the kitchen? Nope. The junk shelf in the garage? Foiled again. Where next? The glove compartment in the car! Not there.

Okay, now it's looking like it's going to be tough. I know. I'll go, retrace my steps from this morning. Not on the bedroom floor. Kitchen? Not there. I walked the dog, remember? Alright, outside I go! Should I take the dog along? Silly me! All he knows is how to sniff for other dogs' pro-offerings. 

Now, I'm back from the repeat-walk. No luck. Guess I'll sit a little while, relax and think. Not good, I'm snoozing. Get up Dick, and find it before it's gone forever. 

Should I ask anyone if they've seen it? Nah, I misplaced it and no one else had a part in it. Hope I don't have to go all day without it - the days are long enough as it is. Perhaps, I should just read a bit and hope its whereabouts might pop into my head. Sounds good but, hell no! I can't read anything without it. Drat! I wish I had taken better care of it.

That's it! I'm going to find it if I have to tear the house and yard apart. Now, that's the gumption I should have had before I lost it. Here goes, except it’s kinda hard getting out of this comfortable chair, just to look for it. 

Maybe, I can figure a way to get along without it? Who would it hurt? Life would go on for all those around me and I could relax, and stop looking for what seems to be awfully hard to find. What do you think? "Who, me? I don't know. I'm the one who lost it!"

Nuts!! I'll make a real concerted effort and check everywhere again and - oh, look! There it is! Right where I've searched so many times before. Now, I can read, at least for another day. Hope I can hang on to it this time. It is kind of precious.

This chair is comfortable and this is book is a good one. Sometimes it's tough being 86 years old with a mind that tends to get lost.