Voice in the Valley: Open Mic/Jams

Contributed by David Ion - Sterling Silver Band

"We are being jammed up" What has been an epidemic is fast becoming a pandemic against the working professional musician, and the jam sessions roll along with an ever gaining frequency and intensity. To the point of jam sessions every night of the week, thereby eliminating most all paying jobs for working musicians. 

By paying out $100.00 to a single "host" to run these jams, seems the only one making any money is the club owner. The musicians that come out to support their friends cannot continue at a less than zero income. Unless they get the position of running yet another jam at yes another club. And I add for less than 1970 money, $100.00. Then they invite their friends to come out and support "their new jam". 

This is becoming a horrendous vicious cycle. Oh I ask what fresh hell is this becoming at the expense of the musician, and the absolute gain of the club owner? This brings us to a point where the question has to be asked, "What is the solution"? 

Back in the day we always had a proper stage with a railing and proper presentation lighting. We did not have to argue about moving tables and chairs every time we arrived weekly to set up and perform, wasting another hour of our time for the sake of seating capacity and profit loss claims. And we got paid appropriately for service rendered. 

But alas, the lack of frequency and promotion is what really kills any chance of a successful event or any future longevity. In short this is not getting better, but rather seems to be getting much worse . . . 

I am not done, stay tuned monthly for more, 

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