Adopt Farley

Contributed by Tracy Smith, Animal Care Dispatcher

Farley (A059505) is a handsome 7 year old cattle dog/bull dog mix. He has demonstrated that he has a desire to please his human when he is being treated with respect and patience. Farley loves to play fetch and will bring the fetched item back to you and lay it on the ground for more playtime.

Games like tug of war might not be best for Farley as it could lead to behavior problems. He will sit on command, but also has a habit of wanting to jump up on you. He does promptly get down and we feel that he could easily be trained out of that habit with positive reinforcement. He knows basic commands, but learned "wait" instead of "stay".

Farley has a history in his former home of being growly when cornered or reprimanded in his kennel. Recently the family had adopted two new puppies and so the dynamic in the household had changed dramatically. 

At the Shelter Farley has not demonstrated any aggression, however situations can certainly influence behaviors. Shelter staff recommends that Farley be adopted to an experienced home. With his history, a home with no small children or other dogs might be best.