"Fountain Of Youth" Pearls Of Wisdom About Aging: Excerpts From Dr. Bruce Lipton

Contributed by Dr. Anna Altair

In the late 1990s, I was fortunate to have Dr. Lipton as one of my professors/teachers at my chiropractic college. His vitality, energy and joy came through in his lectures. This is a short introduction of his work.  

Dr. Lipton is the author of Biology of Beliefs where he speaks in depth about the creative conscious mind and the habitual sub-conscious mind. Both of these aspects of mind influence our lives and our aging processes in profound ways.  

He shared the "Fountain of Youth" within our own bodies the - telomeres - how our environment and especially our subconscious beliefs influence our aging process.

One of the principal elements to keeping healthy and young is being in service. When you awake in the morning with something to do, whether it is caring for another person or caring for the planet, the chemistry of the brain that is involved with service releases chemicals to keep your body healthy. This facilitates your purpose of the day.

“There is a new scientific thought about our genetic make-up. The new research shows that our genes are controlled by our perceptions and our environment. Thus the phrase: Change your thinking, change your life.”

“When the conscious mind is thinking, all behavior is taken over by the programs in the subconscious mind, by default. What's the relevance? Science reveals that 95% of our day is spent in thoughts involving our conscious mind. Every time you have a thought, the conscious mind lets go of the wheel and the auto-pilot kicks in, that is the default sub-conscious mind."  

You can learn more about Dr. Lipton and his research and teaching at www.brucelipton.com, or contact Dr. Anna Altair for further information.  

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