Michael D. Sheldon For Governor & Stephen Wright For Lt. Governor Of Alaska In The 2018 August 21st Primary Election

Michael D. Sheldon, Candidate for Governor of Alaska & Stephen Wright, Candidate for Lt. Governor of Alaska

Michael D. Sheldon, Candidate for Governor of Alaska & Stephen Wright, Candidate for Lt. Governor of Alaska

Contributed by Michael D. Sheldon

As a conservative Republican of 44 years, I, Michael D. Sheldon, filed a letter of intent in 2017 with the Division of Elections as a gubernatorial candidate for Governor of Alaska in 2018.

About Us:

Sheldon is Alaska’s Alaskan Candidate for Governor:
“Hello, my name is Michael Sheldon. After completing K-12 from my local high school in Petersburg, Alaska in the 70s, I then attended Peninsula College in Port Angeles, Washington; there, I learned the highly-skilled trades of automotive mechanics and welding. Being educated and skilled in the welding trade, I was given the opportunity to put those skills to work in the oil fields of Alaska in the mid-seventies. After joining the 302 Alaska Operating Engineers, I traveled to several camps using my skills as a mechanic, and also put my welding skills to good use on the Alaska Pipeline.”

“After working years on the pipeline, l made my way back to my hometown of Petersburg, purchased my first commercial fishing vessel starting my own business in one of the hardest and most dangerous careers a man can take up in the unforgiving Alaskan waters, the commercial fishing industry. Fishing the waters of Alaska for 22 years as the owner and operator of my own vessel, I decided it was time to retire, giving up my sea legs, spending days and nights on the waters of Southeast Alaska and well-known Bristol Bay, planting my feet back on land in 1998. Retirement wouldn't last long before I was putting my skills back to work for the Alaska Marine Highway System, spending some time there I eventually settled down into my business of the last 10 years as a handyman serving my community, helping Alaskans.”

Stephen is Alaska’s Alaskan Candidate for Lt Governor:
“I am Stephen Wright, I was born in Anchorage, Alaska on October 31, 1969. After completing just over 22 years of military service, I have worked in rural Alaska re-opening a school and teaching in Hyder, Alaska. I also enjoy spending time with my five boys, camping, fishing, playing sports, reading, hiking, traveling, bowling and helping others. I look forward to serving you and being the “Veteran-born Alaskan” who you can trust and vote for your Alaskan rights and bringing back our true Alaskan values. I feel that working with Michael Sheldon will help us as a state to regain the footing needed to restore Alaska to its former prominence.”

Our Promises as Governor of Alaska:
1) Fully-restored PFD, as established in 1981. We intend to give back the money capped by the legislature and governor in the past few years of the Walker Administration. We plan to restore the formula for the permanent fund dividend distribution by using funds with a 5-year average formula for consistency and stability as set in state law, as before calculated. It's our Alaskan right and tradition that shall be restored”. To further protect your PFD, our government will move to work on a constitutional amendment that protects any restructuring of the fund by the legislators from the House, Senate and Governor by placing protections on the fund.
2). We will issue an executive order on the first day of our governorship of Alaska directing state agencies to stop performing the murderous procedure of abortion in our state. We support HB250 that will abolish abortion. We will work with David Eastman and help to pass HB250 in securing the future protection of every child and the rights of the unborn
3). No sanctuary cities in Alaska
4). No state taxation of the citizens of Alaska
5). Repeal SB91, so that we can reinstate the power back to law enforcement and the State Court System. We need to restore the security to all hard-earned resources and protect the public economies into the future through security and safety for the people.
6). Establish a sustainable budget that will support a balanced fiscal budget. We intend to build a budget that will show the current population base and reign in the excess spending that we now have, which is a burden on our economy. From the top of our state to the bottom, we will seek less expensive ways of doing business from extending the life of equipment to eliminating unnecessary positions and bringing the funds back to sustainable or better than practical fiscal plans.
7). Band the Caucus Rule in the House and Senate - if one legislator or senator disagrees with the budget, then they have a right to vote it down without abandonment from their party by their vote.

Continued on website at: www.sheldonforalaska.com

In closing, we feel as many Alaskans agree that it's time to elect a governor who is not a politician or lawyer, but an Alaskan for Alaska with common sense for the everyday people of our state. When elected, your new governor will be the last opportunity to stop legislation that is bad for Alaska as to protect the rights of the citizens of this state.

Michael D. Sheldon, Republican Candidate for Governor of Alaska, and Stephen Wright, Republican Veteran and Lt. Governor Candidate, for Alaska.

Committee to elect Michael Sheldon and Stephen Wright:

Michael D. Sheldon
P.O. Box 1285
Petersburg, Alaska 99833
(907) 518-1121

Stephen Wright
P.O. Box 8215
Wasilla, Alaska 99629
(800) 326-1243