Mat-Su Tennis for 2019

Contributed by Susan Skvorc

Tennis in the Mat Su is about to begin! Spring has arrived early this year and it’s time for tennis. Big things are about to happen in the Mat-Su Valley tennis world. If you have been around twenty years or so, you might know that there used to be a tennis court at Colony High School. Now that varsity tennis has made it to valley sports world, Colony Coach Susan Brunner has succeeded in getting the Mat Su Borough School District to pay for returning the crumbling former court to its former glory. Ground breaking will begin this May and the school team will play on it this fall. The court will also be available for use by the public.

Until then, the Mat-Su Tennis Association is sponsoring a number of fun opportunities to learn and play tennis this summer. Starting with our Spring Play Day, on May 19 at the Palmer tennis courts from 2 – 4, the club members will offer skills instruction, tournament play and pick-up games for all ages. Join us for the play day May 19, march in the Colony Days parade with us on June 8, and sign up your children, ages 6 – 10 for Quick Start lessons at Wasilla courts June 17-21 each day at 10 a.m.

Starting Tuesday, May 28 we will host round robin style games for all comers, each week through August 8. Just show up at the Wasilla tennis courts Tuesdays at 9:00 am and/or Palmer courts on Thursdays at 6:30 pm. All level players are welcome. Come and meet new friends and enjoy a few friendly games. At the end of June, look for our wooden tennis racquet tournament on at 2:00 pm Sunday the 30th. Wear your tennis whites, bring your old wooden racquet, have some strawberries and cream and warm up for Wimbledon!

For more information about our organization or to become a member, go to our website at, or visit our Facebook page at Matsu Tennis Association.