Bert Verrall, Independent For Alaska State House District 11

Contributed by Bert Verrall

Compelled To Run: It is apparent that extreme partisan politics has gotten Alaska into a deep financial mess. It seems just as apparent that these same partisan interests are unwilling or unable to achieve the changes necessary to move our state back to financial solvency. Like most Alaskans, I have serious concerns with the ineffective business-as-usual politics of our legislature and I believe we need greater citizen involvement in the process. That’s why I’m running as an Independent for House District 11.

A Citizen’s Credentials: Like most Alaskans, I have a broad range of work and volunteer experiences. I was a small business owner. I am a member of the general work force and have served in management capacities too. I have been employed as a laborer, a plumber and as a maintenance technician. I worked as a manager with Kenai Supply. Currently I am the Chief Shop Steward at Matanuska Telephone Association. For forty years I have worked in locations all the way from the Aleutian Chain to Prudhoe Bay in Alaska villages, towns and cities along the way. Here at home, I have also been active in an array of community organizations. I have served as president of Mat-Su Softball, Valley Golf Association and Palmer Lions. I’m a booster of youth athletics, serving as umpire in Chief of Palmer Little League and as a ten-year member of the Palmer High School football coaching staff. All of these experiences have been of value and have informed and proved useful in working constructively with a myriad of kids, parents, co-workers, customers, contractors, labor and management forces and community leaders all with a primary goal of problem resolution and getting a job done. One side of my family arrived in Palmer in 1935 with the colonists and the other side of the family was here to greet them. I’m a fourth generation Alaskan, born in Palmer and graduated from Palmer High School. My wife, Tracy, is a teacher with twenty nine years of service in the classroom. Tracy and I share three children and nine grandchildren.  

Here Is What We Can Do: I firmly believe that we Alaskans are on the cusp of great change; change that to a large extent, we can control and direct if we work together. I am ready and willing to serve as your representative in the House and I respectfully ask for your vote on November 8th.  And there’s something else: I ask for your continued involvement as we work to sort out the problems and issues confronting our state. Really that’s an involvement that begins now. Please feel free to contact me at or give me a call at 354-3798 to share your thoughts and opinions. Independent, valley born and raised - I’m one of you!

Legislative Priority: This is an easy one. Put Alaska first in all matters. Now let’s go to work!

More Easy Ones:  Of course I strongly support 2nd Amendment Rights and the protection of the permanent fund.