Adopt Sheeba

Contributed by Tracy Smith – Animal Care Dispatcher

Sheeba is a one year old sweetheart who needs help learning that the world around her is a safe place. She has exhibited a great deal of anxiety here at the shelter, to the degree that she could have unintentionally harmed herself if not placed in the safest area. However, Sheeba has also shown the ability to learn that maybe things aren't so bad. She spent some time in one of the staff offices and just one day later, she was like a different dog. 

Sheeba does like people, but she has shown that she will be protective of her territory. She has not been taught many manners and so doesn't have much awareness of spatial boundaries. Because of this, Sheeba must go to a home with no children so that she doesn't accidentally harm them. 

Sheeba knows how to sit and she is treat motivated as long as her anxiety is not too high. She is a smart girl who will need a very safe place to live as she has a very keen ability to climb. A chain link fence will not likely keep Sheeba in. 

She loves and craves human attention and would be best suited in a home where she spends the majority of her time with her person/people. She will need work learning how to remain calm when alone. If crate training is started slowly and patiently, it may be that a crate for Sheeba could become a safe quiet place for her to be if she is alone. However, if she is expected to learn this overnight without a lot of praise and reward, it is likely she will destroy a crate or harm herself in an attempt to escape and find her person.

Mat-Su Borough Animal Shelter