Art Is Happening With Valley Fine Arts Association!

Contributed by Michelle Cornelius

•    Terry Phillips art will be up at Kaladi Brothers at the Carrs Center in Wasilla. This will be for the month of September.   
•    Karen Mattson will be presenting her art at the Bear Paw River Brewery for the month of September.
•    Espresso Café in Wasilla will be featuring artist, Susan Bach Edwards, for the month of September.
•    Humdingers… Eight members of Valley Fine Arts come together for "The Big Picture Show" starting in August.
•    And don't forget to sign up for the fun, informative and long anticipated Art Retreat at 12 mile lake at Hatcher Pass. We have two ways to register: Complete and mail the PDF, see website at with payment to V.F.A.A. P.O. Box 873277 Wasilla, Alaska, or use the link to register online at Eventbee -