Common Purpose Common Sense

Contributed by Carolyn Porter

The Mat-Su Republican Women’s Club has been active in the valley beginning in 1947. Our mission includes seeking out, supporting and working to elect conservative Republican candidates. We host numerous events throughout the year as well as operating a booth at the Alaska State Fair in order to bring our goals and mission to fruition.

This has been quite an interesting and contentious year in Alaska. Our club supports Governor Dunleavy in his plan to bring financial security to Alaska. He was elected on his campaign to cut the budget and protect the Permanent Fund. His actions should be a surprise to no one. Individuals and families cannot spend more money than they bring in without experiencing serious, long-lasting consequences. The same applies to Alaska. The state has a finite amount of money to address infinite needs and wants. A conservative budget is desperately needed. Dialogue is desperately needed. Alaskans have historically been hard working, self-sufficient people. We need to rely on these attributes, not abandon them. We support the Governor’s plan to address needs before wants. This is what responsible people do. And, Alaska can do this if we work together.

We are fortunate to live in Alaska and the Mat-Su. And, we are blessed to have as our legislators, Senator Mike Shower, Senator Shelley Hughes, Senator David Wilson, Representative David Eastman, Representative DeLena Johnson, Representative Mark Neuman, Representative George Rauscher, Representative Colleen Sullivan-Leonard, and Representative Cathy Tilton. They have been diligent in working for citizens of the Mat-Su and Alaska.

If anyone is interested in working with friendly, conservative Republicans for the good of Alaska, we welcome you. Our next monthly meeting is Saturday, September 21, at 10:00 am. We will meet at Sunrise Grill in Palmer. Our membership includes women and men. We will have information about the club at our State Fair booth. Stop by, say hello! We have firm faith Alaskans will be able to see past differences and set our state on a stable and prosperous path.