Parting The Red (And Blue) Sea: Trump Divides The Parties, Can He Unite The People?

Contributed by Josh Fryfogle

Trump makes me nervous. I'm not going to say I don't like to hear him say whatever he wants. I do. I like it. That doesn't mean I agree with him. I just like that he can do it.  Say... whatever!

We live in a world of political correction, where we are constantly corrected intellectually, and it is exhausting. I am weary of it. Not that I'm sitting around wishing I could insult someone. I just simply can't keep up with what is and isn't acceptable – and the terminology is stifling: micro aggression, safe space, triggered, privilege, the list keeps growing. So, as a result, I like it when people speak up, loudly, incorrectly, and make their thoughts known! There's a certain familiarity, not with his words themselves, but how he says them. It's what everyone feels, when they've been embarrassed in public.  They think back, and imagine that they had really let the other guy have it!  

People love to feel empowered, even by proxy.  

My concerns are not that Trump will do the things he said. Every controversial thing he proposed was the Democratic Party line a few decades ago. So the doom and gloom predictions of the Left are not what bothers me. Trump makes me nervous because he is either a Moses archetype, raised up within the Pharaoh's power, that will free his people, or - and this is what makes me nervous - he knows that's what people really want deep down, and he's playing a part.

Personally, I hope it's the former. I hope he's a 80s era Democrat that just wants to rewind to a time when we weren't in perpetual war, well, with whoever, whenever, wherever we want.  

But there is also the possibility that Republicans will realize who Trump is, and the Neo-conservative faction of the party will conspire with their Neo-liberal counterparts to perpetuate their shared vision.  

You Democrats really are missing the boat - er, the train? - with Trump.  That's what I'm seeing, from this third party perspective. Many of the things your party has fought for are all tied up in Trump's worldview, minus the modern expectation of semantic similitude.

Meanwhile, the conservatives seem so enamored with Trump's freedom to speak, they don't seem to notice that they just elected a Democrat - just not a neo-liberal like Hillary.

You see, the neoliberal and neoconservative movements share a foreign policy that advocates for an indefinable enemy and endless war. They believe that Governmental entities - nations and states - should fight non-Governmental entities, not with an objective to win at war, but to redefine the enemy as non-national. This is a philosophical departure from the politics of nations. This accumulates influence over the peoples of the world. It is a real philosophy, and it is neither Republican nor Democrat. It is something else entirely, something Neo, New.

I worry that Trump will be another of these people, who imagine a hierarchy that is global in scale, consolidating all nations' debts, creating a short-lived boom before the inevitable bust - and before the bubble bursts, he banks billions.  But then I think, okay, why would he? He's old, he won't live forever. He has plenty of money; he's a king among men already. Maybe, just maybe...


Maybe not.  

Still, you Liberals should stop being so triggered for a minute, peek out from your safe spaces and take a look at this guy. Is he really who you think he is? Who MSNBCNNBC and other acrimonious acronyms said he is? Remember, these same media outlets were so sure of so much before they were proven wrong. So wrong.

I'm not saying Trump deserves a chance. I'm saying that the media (especially Fox News), and their assertions, do not deserve a chance. They had their chance and they blew it. And that means, if you're honest with yourself, you must reassess what you've been told by these media outlets that clearly doesn't know morass from the polls they expound.

So, my hope is that Trump will slowly win over the Left, without completely losing the right, and for once the People will be represented in unison, just long enough that we can end these damn wars.  

My hope is that Trump is indeed a Moses, and that he will lead us from the deserts of the Middle East.  

We've wandered for so long already.