2017: The Year To Watch Roller Derby

Contributed by Jaida Gough, Boom Town Derby Dames

Boom Town Derby Dames Game
1/14/2017 – 7PM
Boom Town Derby Dames
Tickets: $12 General, $10 Military/Students, $5 Kids

The Boom Town Derby Dames ended 2016 by playing against some of their toughest competitors to date. Each team had an intimate understanding of the other’s weaknesses and strengths, and no reservations using that information to their advantage. Boom Town hosted their first mash up game (Old School vs New School), consisting entirely of skaters from the same league. Each team rostered only seven players, instead of the usual fourteen, making endurance a crucial role to the game. 

Team Old School had skaters dressed in fishnets, knee-high socks, fashionably cut magenta team t-shirts, many bright colors and plenty of glitter. In sharp contrast, team New School sported black athletic pants and the traditional green BTDD jersey we all know and love. Boom Town fan, Thomas Stuart recapped the game on Facebook the following day, “The points spread was 50 at the end of the game [201-151], but only 10 at halftime. An excellent power jam by Old School at the start of the second period broke the neck and neck contest of the first period. This was a fun contest to watch and a rewarding experience for the audience. Also, I feel I should mention the officials who were right on top of every play.”

The skaters had an excellent time playing against each other, and the fans loved seeing the fierce competition among teammates during each jam and smiles and laughter in-between jams. At the end of the game, it was Boom Town who won. 

Boom Town starts 2017 by hosting Anchorage’s Orange Crush January 14, at the Curtis Menard Sports Center. This is a game you won’t want to miss, as both teams exhibit a high level of play and use of strategy to try and out-jam, out-block and out-skate each other. 

The last time OC and BTDD faced off, in November 2016, Orange Crush had taken a commanding lead at half time (100-38) with Boom Town struggling to hold back their jammers and get their own team through the tough walls OC was putting up. By the second half, Boomies had found their stride and put an impressive 70 points on the board while hindering the other teams rapid point accumulation. Orange Crush came out victorious 163-108. Even with a loss, Boom Town fans who drove to Anchorage to watch were not disappointed. After the game, longtime fan, John Frye, mentioned that even with a four player disadvantage defense was strong, endurance was impressive, and our jammers never quit. The 50-point gap shocked him due to the tight gameplay, even knowing that 50 points is not a big loss in derby. Both Boom Town and Orange Crush have taken turns reigning victorious over the other from season to season, but this season may prove that when these two teams face off, it will be anybody’s game! 

Come support your local Mat-Su team as they take on Rage City Rollergirl’s Orange Crush on 1/14/2017 at the Curtis Menard Sports Center. Doors open at 6 pm, and wheels roll at 7. Tickets available online at brownpapertickets.com or at the door! 

As always, Boom Town is always accepting new skaters, officials, volunteers and non-skating officials. Look for us on Facebook!