Young Musicians Hit The Spot!

Contributed by Michelle Overstreet, MY House

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The Spot: Under 21 Music Venue
First Friday Every Month – 6PM
MY House, The People's Paper, Q 99.7, Valley Arts Alliance, Mountain Sound & Entertainment, Barrett & Associates Insurance
MY House
300 N Willow St. Wasilla
FREE Event

For years, the Valley has lacked a public place for youth and young adults to play live music. Once 21, those seeking “gigs” are immersed into the bar scene, where alcohol and drugs are readily available and sometimes offered in lieu of payment for performances. With the opiate epidemic being a concern across the country, local musicians and youth-focused organizations are working together and taking action. 

The Spot is a new music venue offering youth under the age of 21 a safe, sober and public place to play. Starting the first Friday in January from 6pm-9pm, a new music opportunity for the Valley's under 21 set will be open for a clean and sober venue at Gathering Grounds Cafe, 300 North Willow Street in Wasilla. 

With expert sound provided by Mountain Sound & Entertainment, support from some of the finest musicians in the Valley and drinks and pastries by Gathering Grounds Cafe, this promises to be an excellent opportunity for youth to perform live with an audience and network with other musicians. This event will be a regular affair on the first Friday of every month, where parents are welcome and spectators are asked to come clean and sober.  

Youth and young adults are invited to come and perform, bring instruments (piano provided), create groups, improvise and just have fun playing music. Volunteers will be screened and background checked, and youth 21 years old and under are encouraged to come and participate as spectators or performers. 

Please thank the sponsors of this event, and encourage young musicians to join the fun!