Johnny & Me

Contributed by Sharon Aubrey

Relevant Publishers LLC proudly announces their latest release: Johnny & Me: The Story of Two Alaskan Children Growing Up Wild, Hilda Luster-Lindner’s amusing sequel to Small Moccasin Tracks. Hilda is the daughter of the famous Alaskan hunting guide and pioneer, Johnny Luster. Alaska’s pioneer families led difficult lives filled with many hardships before and following Statehood. Yet, in the midst of their adversity, the imagination and ingenuity of children brought laughter and fun to even the dreariest chores and difficult situations. In Johnny & Me, Hilda delivers more humorous tales from her childhood adventures with her little brother, Johnny, and their friend, Harry Buzzby. Explore Alaska's wilder days, through the eyes of two rambunctious children. Available through local bookstores or order online at Amazon.

Offered in two formats:


978-0-999260548 (paperback, $19.99)

978-0-999260555 (ebook, $5.99)