Not in My School


Contributed by Boadicea Victoria

The Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) and the GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network), with the help of the NEA, are rapidly implementing political agendas at the expense of our public school building walls, classrooms, nurse’s offices, administrative offices, and places where young students congregate. These are some of the largest homosexual political lobbies in the United States and they have come for your children. The agenda is not an anti-bullying one as it is disguised to be. This is America. All students are safe at school. These “LGBQT safe space for itself and its allies” signs are unnecessary because we already have no place for bullying. This is what our red, white and blue flag stands for. Freedom and equality for all. So why is the LGBQT agenda alone so protected? The rainbow flag, the one that you see upon entering classrooms and admin offices and schools, stands for pride in homosexuality. These signs and flags are sometimes the only sign one sees at the entrance to administrators’ offices, the entrance to a reception area, and the entrance to a clinic. That sends a pretty strong message to one who isn’t of part of this group.

In a certain high school, I counted more than 30 signs/rainbow flags posted. There were more gay pride flags than American ones. And how about that ‘Pride Pledge” said every morning right before the Pledge of Allegiance at a certain Elementary school? Is this so innocent anymore? I think not. “Oh it’s just a rainbow” doesn’t cut it.

What started as an equal rights platform is rapidly becoming a gang that is ruining school climate and rights for anyone who doesn’t subscribe. Further, the agenda is controlling the lives of people through a culture of fear (for those teachers who refuse to hang up signs) while pandering obscenities to minors. And the sad part is that most parents don’t even know this is going on.

What these signs really are is a new tool for gauging public commitment to the LGBQT agenda. And is anyone thinking of the impact it has on our children when this is really a private sexual issue? What this agenda really is, is a direct attack on traditional family values at the expense of our tax dollars.