Alaska’s Democratic Presidential Race: District Caucus Information

Contributed by Carolyn Covington

We as Democrats are eager to take part in the selection of our presidential nominee.

As a Caucus state, Alaskan Democrats have a unique opportunity to take a truly active part in the selection of our nominee for President. The Caucus process also provides an opportunity to meet with old friends and make new ones as we work together to select our nominees.

Democrats throughout Alaska will meet on Saturday, March 26. We in the Mat-Su (Districts 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12) will convene by district at Houston High School at 10 a.m. to complete the selection process. To take part you must be registered as a Democrat!

You may register or change your registration to Democrat at the Caucus. 

The Democratic Party wants every person to take full part in selecting its nominee for President. To accomplish this goal, in Caucus states like Alaska, a “fan out” procedure is initiated.

In each district, registered Democrats are physically counted; participants are asked to assemble with others who support the same candidate. The number of Democrats in each “caucus” is then counted.

The number of delegates who will represent our districts at the Alaska State Democratic Convention at UAA are apportioned based on the percentage of Democrats who “fanned out” for each nominee:

- 75 Democrats register for a District Caucus.

- 33 of them “fan out” for
Hillary Clinton (44%)

- 37 for Bernie Sanders (49%)

- 5 for “Uncommitted” (7%) (Some like the idea of going to the State Convention with their options open, so Uncommitted is considered a viable nominee.)

There is, however, a threshold requirement of 15 percent for a candidate to be considered viable. Those who vote in a group not meeting the threshold may join one of the other viable nominees—or drop out.

The Uncommitted group has not met the 15% requirement for “viability.”

A second fan out is initiated: 4 Democrats join the Sanders group, total 41; 1 joins Clinton, total is now 34. The delegation to the State Convention will be elected by the members of each group as outlined below:

The district has 12 delegates to the State Convention to be held May 13-15 in Anchorage:
Sanders receives 55% of those voting; 7 delegates. Clinton, 45%, 5 delegates.

Each nominee’s group elects delegates and alternates to represent it at the State Convention.

Taking part in a fan out is much easier than it sounds – and it’s fun!

Lunch will be available as we will meet until about 2 p.m. Districts will elect their delegates and officers; we’ll select our Mat-Su Regional officers and propose planks to the Party Platform and amendments to the Party Plan of Organization—and generally have a very good time!

You may register early for the Caucus at

You can also learn more about being a Mat-Su Democrat at or on Facebook.

JOIN US MARCH 26, 2016