Heaven’s Gate: A Story Of Tragedy And Hope

The Day Jesus Saved My Life
Contributed by Scott Laney

This is what Heaven’s gates looked like to me, except the metal cross was made out of white gold, and up above was white gold, and I was standing on clouds and that was red wood with black lines on it and to the left and right were trees that went on as far as I could see and behind the gates it was very bright like Gods presences was shining. And I was as high as the first cross from left to right.

My mother had a premonition. The night before my accident, she felt something bad was going to happen to me. She felt it so strongly that she prayed: “Whatever it takes, save him God. And please hold, protect and heal him. Please forgive and help us God. You’re the only way.”

My mother prayed for her son because she wasn’t sure I would go to heaven and she didn’t know the time she might lose me forever. That was her fear so she prayed.

“God whatever it takes to save him do it please!!! I am powerless to save him. I have failed at the job of a parent to secure him. This gift you have given me… I give back to your hands. Please take him and save him.”

And that is when God’s hand moved.

I worked on Alaska’s North Slope as a drilling floor hand. Over one year I once made $100,000. I had worked my way up to this position over 5 years. My job’s still waiting for me.

On the fateful day, I was heading to my grandmother’s house on Knik Goose-Bay (KGB) Road at 3:20 a.m. February 7, 2014 I hit and killed a moose. I called the police and stood by until they arrived. Several hours later I was hit by a car - just as that moose had been hit and killed - but I was saved by Jesus.

The events unfolded on Feb. 7, 2014, when I jumped into my car and noticed it was low on gas. Just in case I might run out, I ran inside for a gas can before heading to the gas station on KGB Road. I did run out of gas in Wasilla, which required calling my buddy, Danny Smith, to help me out. While he was en route, I turned on my car’s safety blinkers, grabbed the gas can, and started walking toward the gas station. Soon I saw some headlights coming toward me, so I started waving my arms. I was at mile 8.4 and hoped this person might stop to help me out.

The driver of the car coming toward me was blind in one eye. As Danny came on the scene, he could see me on the other side of the white line on the side of the road—about seven car lengths in front of where my car was flashing in the night. About that same moment the half-blind driver hit me going 60mph at approximately 5:20am.

The impact of this collision broke both legs, my left arm, and caused a concussion. My brain began hemorrhaging. I had blood in my mouth and couldn’t breathe. My buddy ran to me, tipped me over to drain the blood, and comforted me until the ambulance arrived 30 minutes later.

My friend had been there to help me. When the ambulance finally arrived, the EMTs told Danny to leave.

He said: “No that’s my brother!”

My mother later told me I had no bruises on my body. Danny was upset - he told me we waited for an ambulance for 30 minutes! He said I died for 30 minutes, and I remember walking on clouds and jogging and seeing Heaven’s gates, thinking I was going to go in. I should have died, but when the ambulance came I don’t remember anything about what was happening. I remember seeing Jesus Christ, and he carried me into the ambulance. Then I remember feeling something weird on my chest, so I looked down and there was something gold / yellow glowing on my chest and Jesus was healing me and protecting me from death. I still remember what Jesus looked like – I have a picture of him on the wall at home. My mother had prayed for me the night before - prayed that Jesus would be with me and hold me – and he was! My aunt told me that when I got to the hospital I was still awake and I told her and my sister three times that Jesus had saved me!

I have been telling everyone I meet about my story, urging them not to let anyone walk on the side of the road unless they are on a sidewalk. I tell everyone to call me to find out more. My number is: 907-707-6525. Now I’m walking with a cane, or walker. My physical therapist told me recently that I was improving quickly using my cane. I know I’m getting better every day, but I have at least one more year of healing to go before returning to the life I had before the accident.

My old physical therapist said I wouldn’t walk for 2-5 years and at 1 year and 3 months I was. And I was also told that I would never be able to walk safely without my walker for life. So me and my mom have been praying every night. And God has been healing me. My mom said I spent 3 months in the hospital and I told her that I could still see Jesus.

There are many other tragedies on KGB road.

When I told my neighbor this story he told me that his own nephew was walking down KGB Rd one year previous to my event, was also hit by a car, and died.

That driver never stopped and was never apprehended although that person wrote a letter of apology that was read at the victim’s funeral.

I can’t walk without aides yet, but I have seen that heavens gates! They were made of a really expensive red wood with black lines and white plate gold everywhere. There are yellow trees from left to right as far as the eye can see. My therapist said it will likely take between 2-5 years before I’ll walk without assistance. Again. After almost one year in physical therapy I walked 60 steps before they made me sit down.

Because I suffered Traumatic Brain Injury, I cannot drink alcohol. My mom told me in the hospital that I could see Jesus. I don’t remember that specifically, but I guess I told her I could see him sitting in my room.

God says to forgive or you won’t be forgiven so we forgave Sandra, my old care coordinator, because for one year she told us she didn’t know why Medicaid hasn’t paid anything yet. We found out that she didn’t turn in any of my paperwork. My mom was about to stop getting paid her benefits, because of this, so we fired her.

My life has changed dramatically because of what happened to me that night on KGB Road. I will be facing many challenges with the help of Jesus.

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Or email me at 777godlives777@gmail.com for pictures. I am kinda glad though that car did hit me because it has brought me a lot closer to God.