Who's Your Quarterback?

Contributed by Pamela Goode

I called my sister to see how things were going and to check in. After a friendly greeting I asked, “So what are you guys up to?" There was a long pause as though I asked a “trick” question. Then she answered, “Watching the Super Bowl.”  

I broke out in laughter as I thought about all the people across the country and Alaska glued to the TV while I was clueless that the most popular yearly event in America was taking place. How different my priorities were from my fellow countrymen. That morning, I had been focused on the legislative session analyzing the activities of our elected employees (legislators). I only broke away briefly to check in with my family.  

My sister then commented during my laughter that the halftime show was about to begin. My laughter accelerated again as I thought about the timing of my phone call, and how many were super glued to the TV awaiting the halftime show and the commercials. We both confirmed that all was well on both ends, said our good-byes and sent our love.

Still laughing, I then started to wonder how many people knew the name of the quarterback of their favorite team and did not know the name of their State Representative and/or Senator, what they do and how they vote.

It was Mark Twain who said, “No man's life, liberty or property are safe when the legislature is in session.” This is so true! The legislative sessions are when the excessive spending of your money take place. These sessions are when bills are passed that affect every aspect of your life, your liberty and your hard earned property. I cannot imagine any sports/event season more important!

The legislative session only lasts three months, January to April unless they go into overtime, and it is not a spectator sport. It is interactive. Phone calls, public testimonies, emails, group efforts, education opportunities abound, etc. Whole families can participate. Children learn most from those they love most and will grow up empowered knowing not only their authority, but also their duties and responsibilities when it comes to their government.

Alaska's government is not some far away planet that you can't get to or do anything about.

They are accessible and only a phone call away. With what they have been doing the past decade, their phones should be ringing off the hook, but they are not. Public testimonies for the return of the PFD had spans of dead air. Shocking! More intrusion may be coming with a 1400% tax increase on studded tires, 15% income tax, capital gains tax, triple gas tax increase, penalties on trappers and the list goes on.

Protecting your liberty and ensuring constitutionality at all levels of government is your duty and responsibility that carries with it homage to all the lives damaged and lost of our military personnel who defend those very same liberties against enemies foreign that you may not have had to. The destruction of the highest level of personal freedoms found in the world today, Alaska is underway in Juneau right now. This is like watching in slow motion, year after year, the killing of the last buffalo.

Football season is now over, so I'd like to encourage folks to move on to the season that counts most - legislative. Duty calls! The easiest and most entertaining way to start learning and engaging is by joining the Facebook group, HAC & SAC |Alaska, and check it regularly. This “Accountability Caucus” is in its 3rd year and is now focusing on the legislative session. Come 2018 elections, you'll know with confidence who to hire and fire!