Adopt Angus

Contributed by Sumitra Shinde, Animal Care Dispatcher

Angus is a super handsome Pit Bull Terrier that doesn't know the meaning of "no"! He's high energy - some would say hyper, some would say infectiously boisterous! He is treat motivated and has been trained to sit, though he is so wiggly his sit doesn't last long. It doesn't seem as though he's had much training otherwise, and when he sees something he can take advantage of, he goes for it. 

Angus will need a determined and experienced handler, one that will teach him to walk on the leash instead of just playing tug-o-war with it. If you have a large dog, and are interested in Angus, they will have to meet before you can adopt him. He is choosy about his friends and he cannot live with small animals, including small dogs, or children under 12.