Golden Dream


Contributed by David Jenkins

After an interminable slumber,
I rolled over to my side
And lazily opened my eyes
to unveil a brilliant sight,
within a narrow field of view.

Peering through a windowpane,
gleaming with condensation.
There were layers upon layers of trees,
coated in a winter morning’s frost…
a sea of spruce,
shrouded in an amber haze.
For a moment, I was lost.

My eyes gazed for a minute or two,
swaying from the left to the right –
surveying… absorbing the entire scene.
It never ceases to stun me;
exiting a dream.
Then, averting my eyes from the wall or ceiling –
to find nature’s painted canvas…
so placid, alluring.

For only a second,
yet it feels like an eternity.
Captured in this momentarily perpetual perplexity.
When does the dream end,
and reality begin?
It all seems so palpable,
Yet – is any of this real,
or am I still dreaming?

Photo Courtesy of David Jenkins (David C Jenkins Photography)