Make Palmer Accessible for People with Disabilities


Contributed by Paul Maguire

Sen. Hughes, when you cut and pasted my entire first note (last summer re: death of Ms. Belnap on Glenn killed by a rock in road from Granite) and just added my moniker (Dr. Maguire), I pretty much wrote you off.

I have watched you closely in legislature for years.

So, with all due respect, you’ve “lost me,” as I expect better for people with disabilities, Veterans, and young children.

You’ll have to earn my trust. I’m just one voice, but I know one person can make a difference.

Re: my advocacy for “scraping ramps and sidewalks to surface” in Palmer, so wheel mobility devices (wheelchairs, strollers, etc.) can ROLL... your starting point with me re: credibility is (for me) to WITNESS the change in access in my fat bikes and wheeling in my sport wheelchair around Palmer... unobstructed ramps, intersections and sidewalks.

Any promises, etc. from you, Edna, etc. are just “background noise” until I see ramps cleared at Pioneer Home, Just Sew, Delphi Pizza intersection, etc.

Day 48 since first snow and 18 ramps haven’t been touched. We’ve gone from blocked by snow, then ice dams, now snow on ice dams.

I drove a sidewalk plow with a shovel, for many winters in the Boston area, in the ‘70’s. It takes a lot of work driving a Bombadeer with a V plow and shoveling... through many stormy nights. I had quit my masters at University of Wisconsin and moved home to support my mom with 9 kids, because dad died at 48 while jogging.

He was a father of 10, Harvard, Michigan State, and Temple grad.

I learned “hard work and determination” from my dad. My daughter and godson have the same work ethic and smarts.

When I was 17 and struggling with teenage angst, dad gave me a plaque specifically made for me saying, “it takes a man to say NO!” My version today is: “it takes good discernment to say YES!”

So, my “NO” to you and the City of Palmer is – it’s inappropriate and illegal to ignore ACCESS for people w/disabilities (STOP IT!), and YES to doing the right thing, and think about our most vulnerable citizens!

So, as said by Cuba Gooding, Jr. in Jerry Maguire, “show me the money (change your behavior)!”


Paul Maguire

Paul’s Pedal and Nordic
Bradley Lake, Alaska