Mat-Su Valley Teen Homelessness Survey

Contributed by Novalene Payne

I am focusing on the homeless youth dilemma in the Mat-Su Valley, and I will be traveling to Juneau at the end of January 2017 with IDEA to speak to the Alaskan legislative on behalf of Mat-Su. It will be my first attempt to help change Alaska's emancipation process. 

My name is Nova Payne, I have been a resident of the Mat-Su Valley for two years, and I'd like to share about the homeless and runaway youth dilemma in Alaska and my part in it. 

I am going with the Alaska Close Up program, which is a valuable opportunity for the youth of Alaska to share their solutions to some of Alaska's issues and on my part, I am trying to ease to process of emancipation for the homeless teens of Alaska (specifically, sixteen and seventeen year olds) struggling to survive here. I have worked with Michelle Overstreet, the founder and acting director of My House in Wasilla. But I am reaching out to the Valley independently.

I am trying to get the word out about what people such as Mrs. Overstreet have been trying to achieve for Alaskans and also for the survey I have created, which you can all take online. The results of said survey I will bring with me to Juneau.

The reason I am doing this is due to my want of reaching out - in all ways possible - to get Alaska's homeless youth situation heard about. 

You can email me at if you are interested in taking my survey. The only requirements are that you be eighteen or older, and a current resident of the Mat-Su Valley. The survey closes 1/28/17. 

Thank you so much for reading this and I hope I will be able to share more with you.

Yours Truly, 
Novalene Payne