Local Artist, Additional Work

Contributed by Trista Bookout

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” - Pablo Picasso

I have been asked my entire life, “How do you do this?” People are referring to a drawing, sketch or painting that I have shown them. I tell them, “I have been drawing or painting since I could pick up a pencil or crayon.” The usual response is, “You are such an artist.” Until recently, I couldn't accept this compliment. I usually respond with a mumbled, humble, “Oh... no, not really.”

I have been creating art for almost 40 years now. I have been taught formally in form, color mixing, perspective and figure drawing. Ironically, I got a B- in high school art class. A C in College Water Color 101 and a low D in print making. I painted or drew what I had been instructed to. I was blessed with two grandmothers with artistic talent. They taught me many things. 

But as I discovered just recently, they left out the most important lesson: How to be an artist. 

Strange coming from two amazingly talented, award winning women. I had to learn the missed lesson myself. This is that art is creating what you feel, how you feel. Not what you are "supposed" to. The next aspect is not caring a bit who likes it or doesn't. This has been a very recent moment of self-discovery for me. Paint what feels good. Yes, I can paint a proficient landscape or a bowl of fruit. But I truly hate it. I was too scared to put what I love and feel onto a canvas. Now I can. Now when someone says, “You are such a talented artist!”, I respond with, “Thank you!”

I am a local artist born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. The beauty of my home state is some of the inspiration for my paintings. I would love to talk with people about my work. Please contact me via email at sunflowerak77@yahoo.com, Facebook (Trista Bookout) or telephone, (907) 830-4102. 

Several of the paintings in this article are for sale. I am able to do commissioned or personal pieces. Pricing is dependent on size and intricacy of the piece. I hope you enjoy viewing my work as much as I did painting it!