Local Poetry Of The Mat-Su


Contributed by Shaina Collazo-Lopez

An antler begins
What a protrusion from your thoughts,
That should reach and harden
At the heavens themselves.

Look now, the crown
Of your solidified ailments calcified
Are undeniable,
When we can all see and I adorn
What poison ails you deeply.

Now, quietly as it is done
Upon the dullness from
Your hardened withins,
I will string the pink roses of the sticker bush
That you only remember from yesterday
Before this vengeful dying began; 
And pray

For you


Favorite Shirts

Contributed by Lawrence E. McGee

Favorite shirts, favorite shirts.
When they die it really hurts.
There’s favorites that you love to death,
And wear them every chance you get.
When they’re tattered beyond repair,
You think, “Jest one more time.” ‘cause it ain’t fair,
To send them to the rag-box lair.

There’s others that you love as much,
That hang in the closet, hardly touched. 
‘Cause you jest can’t bear to wear them out,
Or subject them to a ketchup-gout. 

There is no logic in it then, 
In the rational mind of men.
So before you snort and wish ‘em to Hades,
Better go easy on the ladies. 
Fashion doesn’t know a gender,
When it comes to shirts - just remember. 

Dogs Of Color

Contributed by Nan Potts

Dogs come in many colors which
Denote their breed or if a mix;
May not, their temperament reveal
Nor of their ownership appeal.

Dogs tinged brown may cost a penny,
Others jealous; green with envy.
A black cur may be sly and foul
While blonds, they croon and love to howl.

Reds which snarl, act out of rage
And yellows could have fear, I'll wage.
Some grays air sadness, cowed with woe,
Yet white ones, just go with the flow.

None cast a shade in royal hue.
Yet, loyalty is surely due.
Folks say it's in the shade of blue,
You'll find a heart that is true,\ too.

So when you seek the perfect pet,
Be sure to keep your brushes wet.
On the vivid canine palette,
Blending colors earns the ballot.