New Cottage Business

Contributed by Dave Glenn

Latitude 67 Laser Designs is pleased to announce the entry into the world of laser technology with the installation of a CheckMate laser cutter/engraver at its cottage industry site. This space age technology provides the ability to transform imagination into useful items for average citizens as well as sophisticated industrial products.  

Cutting non-ferrous material with a laser beam the thickness of a human hair (with the accuracy and speed of a space shuttle launch) and utilizing computer software, we are only limited by our imagination in the production of items to be designed and produced. While being limited to working with non-ferrous materials, we are capable of cutting or etching everything from rocks to lace.

Gale Glenn has been a seamstress for more than forty years, designing and producing a variety of fabric items. As production increased, the requirement for a more accurate/expedient method of cutting material became apparent. The answer is laser technology. With laser technology we can cut fabric, etch glass or scan a photo and etch it onto wood.  

Want some one of a kind coasters? Bring us your idea. We’ll turn it into reality. How about etching a design into your new kitchen counter back splash? Cabinet doors?  Something on leather? Personalized coffee cups? Airplane interior parts? Imagination it in play here!

Call for more information:
Gale Glenn, Latitude 67 Laser Design