Adopt Charlie Bug

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Contributed by Kelleigh Orthmann, Clear Creek Cat Rescue

Mr. Blue Eyes, also known as Charlie Bug, is a super handsome guy about 3 years old. He is a flame-point Siamese with the bluest eyes and ivory coat.

Charlie is sort of an environmentalist, in that he seems to have some allergies to fragrance dispensers and mold and other things that cats, and humans, should not be breathing anyway. When he's living in clean air in a normal home, he's fine. But he does not care for all those nasty chemicals that pollute the air around us. So really Charlie Bug is a good guy to have around. Not only as a “canary in a mine shaft”, but as the best friend you could ever have. 

He is a great cat. Handsome! We can all see that. But he is also loving and sweet and devoted to his people. Not a great one for other cats, but dogs are okay. He LOVES his people. He also likes to go outside and enjoy the sweet Alaska air and the world of nature. Charlie is a terrific guy, ready to give you the love and devotion that he hopes to get in return.
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