A Revelation

Contributed by Donald J. Cutler

You whispered, “I love you” one night when we kissed,
it was in this moment I knew what I'd missed.
I saw in your eyes what was needed so long, 
to nourish the hunger that was suddenly gone.

The warmth filled my being like nothing before,
the blanket you gave me warmed me to the core.
Hollow my heart had been, vacant of will,
now in your eyes I saw it had been filled.

Embraced by your words that caught me by surprise,
to change how I feel I can only surmise,
that you captured my soul in this moment so rare,
I felt in your words what I had not shared.

Holding you now with your lips close to mine,
feeling your warmth as we are entwined.
the chains that imprisoned me now had been broken,
your words held the key that your soft lips had spoken.