Contributed by Donald J. Cutler

At dawn when I whisper what you do not hear,
as I lay beside you my heart draws you near.
My gaze rests upon you your soft hair I touch,
still wrapped in your dream, I love you so much.

Remembering that just a few hours past,
the love that we shared, I hope it will last.
I want to awake you, hold you in my arms,
but I watch you sleep remembering your charms.

So deep is my love for you that I can feel,
my illusions of life, how can this be real.
In moments before you awake so serene,
I know in my heart that it’s not just a dream.

I see in your face a loving repose,
with innocence cherish our love as it grows.
And soon you’ll awake with warm loving embrace,
not for love making, but just for loves sake.