Together We Can!

Contributed by Michael Consalo

For most of us, the holiday season is a time to celebrate. We surround ourselves with loved ones and a sense of "care" enters the air like a wind off the mountains. In these times, it's easy for most to look at what we have accomplished, both as individuals and as a community, and be proud! 

For some however, the holidays are a reminder of what they don't have. Not being able to provide heat for your one's own children, or looking into the eyes of a child on Christmas morning with little to offer. In these times, do we stand back and look at the less fortunate and say, "Glad that's not me?" Or do we reach out with an ear and an empathetic hearts? 

Did you know that Alaska is in the top ten for homelessness in the nation? Think about that! We live in one of the most remote places in the world with some of the harshest weather conditions and most dangerous wildlife. How can we let this continue? The Wasilla Homeless Committee, a non-profit group right here in Wasilla, works tirelessly year round, to help families in our community. Over the past couple years, they have helped countless families and will continue to do so with or without your help. But doesn't it make sense to jump on board with an organization that is already making a difference? Shouldn't we as a community, lift up these great organizations and come together in times of need? Debra Barrett thought so! 

That's why Debra, with Barrett and Associate Insurance, reached out to Hatcher Pass Radio to help. She's tired of families being left on the street. She's tired of families not having a reason to celebrate! And so am I! We are looking for our community to help! We are hoping local business owners and families will come together in this time of giving. The more businesses and organizations that get involved, the more successful the Adopt A Family Program can be. Businesses or families can make donations or even adopt an entire family themselves. All of the donations and proceeds go to families right here in the Valley!

We will be accepting applications for families in need through the Wasilla Homeless Committee’s website,, and will be selecting the ten with the greatest need. These families will receive gifts, a sense of happiness, and best of all, hope! Together, we as a community can end homelessness and needs in the Valley, one family at a time. 

Please join our cause! Bring donations of anything: Food, clothing, coats, gloves, money, toys, games or any gift your heart desires. Our goal is to provide an amazing Christmas to ten families this year, and increase it next year to fifteen! This is a ball that is already rolling and will continue to build, but with your help it could become epic! Let's stop settling for mediocre! Let's stop saying it's not our problem! Let's come together and make a difference this holiday season! 

Thank you for your attention and Happy Holidays from Hatcher Pass Radio, Barrett and Associates Insurance and Wasilla Homeless Committee!