Phoenix Rising Training And Development

Contributed by Sara Williams

The state of Alaska is at a turning point. The realism of the situation here in Alaska is that we have zero sustainable industry.

Alaskans have counted on Big Oil and Mining and Big Seafood to sit alongside Big Tourism as our primary industries for far too many years without a backup plan. Times are changing and Alaska must change with them. Alaska is poised to be a powerhouse of economic development in the industrial cannabis market if the right people can see the potential.

Industrial Cannabis is more than people getting “high”. The cannabis plant can single handedly replace Big Oil, Big Lumber and Big Textiles. The versatile uses of the plant can create industry and economic development in the state of Alaska that can be capitalized on globally.

Products such as paper, plywood, hempcrete and even cars can be created with industrial cannabis. New fuel sources and bio-degradable plastics, as well as ropes and even toilet paper can be made from industrial cannabis. The media in this state would have you believe that the point of the Alaskan Marijuana Industry is to get people stoned, and they are extremely shortsighted in their outlook.

Envision 10,000 square foot cultivation facilities coupled with processing plants located in villages all over this state. We bring Alaskans together over two primary causes. First, we revolutionize the Alaskan economy with a renewable versatile resource of industrial cannabis that employs the very members of our communities in a way that co-creates products that will be sold globally. Additionally these grow facilities will produce fruits and vegetables to self sustain the population of Alaska.

We have counted on federal support for so long that we have become soft in our eye to the future. We are at the beginning of the end of an age where the federal government took care of its people. Now the global economy is shifting and the United States has become complacent to the demands of the future in forward planning, and Alaska is no different. If we lose access to imports of food from the lower 48 or other countries, we will find ourselves in a position where within 4 days it will not be money that people kill others for, it will be food should there be a disaster.

It is time that Alaskans had a 50-year strategic economic plan for the future that utilizes the largest commodities we have at our disposal: Land and People. These cultivation facilities will not only employ our citizens in respectable jobs that bring community together, but it will also bring a new economic industry to Alaska that can change the world and save our planet.

We have spent too long raiding the precious gifts of the land we call home. Instead I say let’s create a renewable resource industry that will not only revolutionize the state of Alaska’s economy, but it will change the world!

When I came from Oregon to Alaska in 2009, the first thing I noticed was that the Alaskan people are fiercely independent. Now we have an opportunity to use that fierceness in turning inward in our darkest hour and building a self sustaining economy that can set the example for the world to follow.

My personal journey starts with helping to normalize the training and business operations across the state for the cannabis industry. On a macro level, I tell my 50-year strategic plan to anyone who will listen because I don’t need credit for these ideas. Instead I must attract the right people who can see the writing on the wall and join me in advocating for a new economy in Alaska, built on bringing Alaskans together for a common industry instead of counting on the fluctuations of out of state interests. The time is now to build a sustainable Alaskan future.

Please share this article with everyone in the world because an investment and project of this scale will take global support. Thank you for your support in advance for helping me share my message.

Now let’s go change the world! 

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