More Notes From The Trail

Contributed by Bert Verrall

Candidate Forum
10/18/2016 – 6PM-8PM
Mat-Su College, Palmer
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Candidate Forum
10/24/2016 – 7PM-9PM
St. David’s Church, Wasilla
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Candidate Forum
10/25/2016 – 12PM
Wasilla Chamber of Commerce
Grandview Inn Grill, Wasilla
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If you haven’t had a chance to see your candidates in action, please check out some of the upcoming forums:
•     October 18th: Mat Su College is hosting a forum from 6 to 8 pm.
•     October 24th: St David’s Church in Wasilla is holding a forum from 7 to 9 pm
•     October 25th: the Wasilla Chamber of Commerce is holding a forum at noon at the
Grand View Inn Grill. 

Each forum has a slightly different format. Also, KAKM Channel 7 is holding their “Running” television series. Finally, Big Cabbage Radio or Radio Free Palmer is also providing voters an opportunity to be better informed through their programming.

Look for me, Bert Verrall, parked on the side of the road in your neighborhood. I am there to provide you a convenient opportunity to stop and talk. So let’s take advantage of these clear, sunny afternoons and chat about your issues and concerns.

The most important thing I have learned since I’ve been on the trail is to listen better. At the beginning I thought people were stopping to talk because they wanted to learn about who I was as a candidate and to ascertain for themselves if I was worthy of their vote. But I pay attention, and soon learned differently. I learned that folks were being nice enough to let me start the conversation, but were really just waiting for a break in the conversation. That is when I learned why they stopped to talk. By listening to the voters, I’ve learned a great deal. People have deep concerns, are filled with passionate ideas and above all else, are ready for action. 

I’ve also heard how people have been wronged by the system. For some, work force reductions or the fear of them have impacted their lives already. Compassionately, they speak about the needs of the most vulnerable, how important the PFD is to these people as well as their own families.

I’ve heard other candidates share their ideas too. I’ve listened to all, multiple times. There is no left or right wing when you hear them talk. To each and every one of them, it’s about putting Alaskans first. If this is truly the case, then why have the House and Senate seemed at such odds during the last few sessions? If both sides want what is best for the people, then why is there the disconnect that has stopped the parties from working together? Is their campaign talk merely “chin music,” in the terminology of my old football coach, meaning talking one thing but doing another? Chin music in sports, rhetoric in politics.

So for better or worse you have to put up with us candidates for about another month. The saturation will peak November 8th – Election Day.  Ah, back to hearing about Gorilla Fireworks and Christmas bazaars. Back to normal. I hope that I’ve made enough of an impression on you through my articles, my website at or through my radio ads that you’ve figured out that I’m for real. I have no other agenda other than what I’ve expressed to you all already. I’ll be the same person in Juneau as who you met on the side of the road, at your door or in the driveway of a neighbor. A regular working stiff who is ready to serve my neighbors and ready to serve you, ready to put Alaskans before special interests. Thank you for the opportunity to serve.