2nd Annual Holiday Bazaar At Academy Charter School

Contributed by Barbara Gerard

2nd Annual Holiday Bazaar
11/12/2016 - 10AM-5PM
Academy Charter School, Palmer
FREE Admission

Each year Academy Charter School is fortunate enough to send their 8th grade class to Washington D.C. to immerse students in the culture and history of our nation. In order to finance this wonderful learning opportunity, we hold multiple fundraisers during the year supported by the 8th grade class and many of our Academy students, staff and families.

The time we spent in Washington D.C was a priceless experience where we learned about our government, our history and above all, the price our nation has paid to have freedom. Going through the monuments at the National Mall has taught us the story of American heroes through our own eyes, and has given us the ability to grasp the vast concepts that this nation was founded upon. Among some of the most impactful places we visited were the Capitol Building, Supreme Court and Library of Congress because they provided us with insightful knowledge about how our government functions today.  Each and every monument we visited has its own story to tell about the morals and ideals our country stands for today. This was a very enlightening and uplifting experience to see the heart of our nation’s history. The learning we experienced during our visit to Washington D.C. will remain as indispensable tools in our everyday lives when it comes to making moral judgements, casting our ballot and being grateful for the liberties and freedoms Americans possesses. 

For this generation, it is becoming increasingly important to appreciate the freedoms, liberties and basic building blocks our country was founded upon, especially in this time of division throughout our nation. I’m immensely grateful for the hard work our principal, teachers, families and community have given to make this learning experience a reality.  

Coming up on Saturday, November 12th, we are hosting our 2nd Annual Holiday Bazaar at Academy Charter School from 10AM to 5PM. Come on down because this is the perfect opportunity to find a Christmas gift for a loved one, or to browse around our unique selection of holiday crafts. Here you can find whatever your heart desires, ranging from hand carved bowls to steampunk jewelry, but the thing that makes this bazaar stand out is the collaborative teamwork done by our 8th grade class to make your time here more than a shopping experience.  

By participating in our bazaar on November 12th, you are supporting the future generations and ensuring students will be able to seize the great learning opportunities this trip brings for years to come. We hope you walk away from this bazaar with a cool craft, but also with the knowledge that you're supporting the generation of tomorrow to become brave leaders and productive members of society.