Alaska Needs New Leadership!

Contributed by Pamela Goode

Our state government is a reflection of who we are as a whole and in my opinion, it's not a pretty picture. For the past ten years, their over-spending and over-promising has financially just about run this state into the ground and is now jeopardizing your liberty and your earned income with it. 

It is time for strong, unwavering, disciplined, ethical, knowledgeable and God-fearing individuals to fill these positions and replace those that are soft, compromising, lukewarm and self-serving.  

Party lines continue to fail us as the two majors seem to have morphed into one and in some instances traded places. We need principled representatives we can count on and know they will not compromise our liberties, behave fiscally responsible at all times and stick to their sacred oath of office. That is not asking too much.

Well Alaska, now is your chance! We are out of time, patience and options. We need new leadership and only you can make it happen. Not lukewarm candidates for State House: Aaron Lojewski (D5), Pamela Goode (D9), David Eastman (D10), Karen Perry (D12), John Myers (D30), Kenny Shaw (D36), William Weatherby (D37). U.S Senate – Joe Miller.  

New blood, new direction, brighter future!  All will protect and defend your God-given rights, restore your PFD, say no to state income/sales tax, adhere to their oath of office and protect life, liberty, property and privacy. They all know what being fiscally responsible means, which is not wasteful over-spending and over-promising on the backs of current and future Alaskans. Special interest groups need not apply, all Alaskans matter! None of these individuals are afraid to stand for what is right!

What is your liberty worth? Have you contributed to it lately? Freedom's not free. Help out and go to their websites/Facebook pages, and prayerfully consider donating to their efforts which they have been doing selflessly and tirelessly on your behalf for years. These people are not rookies. $1 liberty-buck will make a difference and it's not an insult. Provide more if you can. Be a part of the bold solutions now needed, and vote these fine folks into leadership. You will not be disappointed! In fact, you'll be energized for getting involved and making a positive difference. Duty is rewarding.

If you are like me, Alaska is our home. I am not going anywhere or passing through. We are the last frontier and at the end of the road in more ways than one, which puts us on the front lines of liberty.  We have the highest level of personal freedom in the world right here, and that needs to be protected.  Decision makers need to stop comparing us to other states as though we should be more like them.  Alaska should aspire to be the example of what this country is supposed to stand for, not the exception.  It's all about individual liberty, personal responsibility and less government. Less government.

I am Pam Goode running for State House District 9. You will not find a more fiscally conservative candidate that truly understands the ISER/Goldsmith sustainable budget model solution for Alaska.  Just remember, liberty starts with fiscal responsibility. With over seventeen years at NASA, I'm about as analytical as it gets, then over eleven years circumnavigating the globe on a small sailboat living independently on our own extremely limited sustainable budget model and to top it off, my husband is a CPA. Cut him and he bleeds numbers. We need fiscally knowledgeable leadership now more than ever. Your vote for Goode is important! Visit me at or call 907-251-1528.