Fun Halloween Recipes

Contributed by Elizabeth Maxson

Every year I love to participate in school Halloween festivities as Mad Maxson the mad scientist!  We’ve always tried to find new ways to engage the kids with fun, cool and tasty treats (we have five in K-5 this year!). This year, I thought I’d share some fun and simple recipes with you.

Pumpkin Patch Dirt Cups: 

Package of Instant Chocolate Pudding
2 Packages of Oreos
Pumpkin Candies
Green Sour Punch Straws
Clear Plastic Cup

1.    Prepare the instant pudding according to package instructions.
2.    Pulverize Oreos.
3.    Layer Oreos and Pudding in Clear Cup.
4.    Lay Pumpkin vine (Sour Punch Straw) in the center.
5.    Add 3 pumpkin candies around vine.
6.    Dig in!

Kitty Litter Cake:

2 Cake Mixes, Chocolate and White or Yellow
Green Food Coloring
1 Package Vanilla Pudding
Vanilla Sandwich Cookies
Tootsie Rolls
Clean Cat Litter Box and Scoop

1.    Prepare pudding with package instructions.
2.    In kitty litter pan, add both cake mixes, half the cookie crumbs and package of prepared pudding.
3.    Heat up tootsie rolls to soften and roll into…well, cat poop and add most to litter (save some for topping).
4.    Take ¼ of remaining crumbs and add a light amount of green food coloring.
5.    Sprinkle all of remaining crumbs over kitty litter.
6.    Add the rest of the tootsie rolls.