Phoenix Rising Is Igniting A Cannabis Training Revolution


Cannabis in Alaska is rising from the ashes of prohibition and Phoenix Rising has arrived to spark a higher employee training standard for the Alaskan Cannabis Industry. “These new companies need a locally grown Alaskan-based training resource for their employees,” said Sara Williams, CEO of Phoenix Rising Inc. “Phoenix Rising answers that need with a burning passion.”

“Team Phoenix is poised to take our extensive knowledge of the Alaskan Cannabis Industry and help ignite the success of our clients,” Williams said. “All with the end goal of a professional cannabis industry that holds consistent employee training standards across the state.” 

The industry is off and running, and establishments are hiring new employees every day. Phoenix Rising has developed an initial training for employees that gives an in-depth overview of the regulations, as she believes that you must first have a solid foundation for compliance reasons. 

“This is a brand-new industry and it is a guarantee that all licensees have different interpretations of the regulations,” Williams said. “Team Phoenix and our advisory members help these businesses navigate the business landscape of training and development to ensure a consistent standard of professionalism and most importantly their success goals are met.” 

If you have questions about how Phoenix Rising is setting a lifted standard of employees training in the Alaskan Cannabis Industry, visit their website at, contact Sara Williams at 907-887-6130 or by email at