Support Local Art, Music, & Business - And Save Big!

Contributed by Josh Fryfogle

Vote Local Presents
10/26/2018 - 6PM
Vote Local
Lone Wolf Aura
1830 E Parks Hwy. Ste. #A-137, Wasilla
Tickets: $20

What if you could spend $20 and save hundreds by shopping at locally-owned businesses here in the Mat-Su?

What if you could buy a ticket to an evening of local art and music, and use that ticket for huge discounts at 30 locally-owned businesses?

You can!

Vote Local Presents... artist, Douglas Girard and musician, Meggie Aube!

Join us October 26th at 6pm for a wonderful evening of art and music, and be a culture creator!

But it’s more than that...

Your ticket is also a ticket to discounts and deals at dozens of different locally-owned businesses in Wasilla and Palmer!

The event is Oct. 26th at 6 pm, at Lone Wolf Aura in Wasilla, but you can start cashing in your ticket for savings and deals as soon as you buy it! And discounts don’t expire until mid-November!

Why are we doing this?

October 26th, at Lone Wolf Aura in Wasilla, join together with your neighbors and community to celebrate local music, local art and locally-owned business.

Culture in a community should come from that community. Otherwise, it’s not really our culture, is it?

We are the culture creators, the ones who are responsible for cultivating our own community. The only way to do that is to be patrons of the arts, and to patronize locally-owned businesses.

Your ticket to this event also serves as an incredible discount card at local businesses listed online at, and in this edition of The People’s Paper and Make A Scene Magazine. This also encourages commerce with locally-owned businesses.

Whether you are a patron of a local business, or of the arts, you’re not just out for a night on the town ~ you are a culture creator!

Create culture with your community on October 26th, at Lone Wolf Aura in Wasilla!

Tickets available online at:

And at:

Lone Wolf Aura - Cottonwood Creek Mall in Wasilla
Alaska Midnite Scents - Cottonwood Creek Mall in Wasilla
NonEssentials - Downtown Palmer