Hack Your Day To Bring Your Life Back To Balance

Contributed by Antiqua Libbey

Sally woke up that morning wishing she had another 30 minutes to sleep. She dragged herself to shower, rubbing her eyes wondering where her younger self went. The one who had time for a relaxing morning coffee, or a night out with friends. Today, she would settle for someone else bringing her coffee, which she desperately needed but feared getting because she may wake the house. She stood there looking at herself blank-faced with water flowing down her face, feeling guilty because she was secretly praying that the kids would stay asleep and not disrupt her one moment of peace.  

As she got out of the shower, she automatically stepped on her scale, “Uggg…Where did that 20 lbs. come from…When can I work out?” Upset with herself, she dried off, put on her clothes and tried to ignore the voice in her head. Thinking to herself, “What am I doing here? My life is out of control - the kids will be up in five minutes, I have to get them to school, I hope that they listen to me this morning.”  Her mind starts raising again with the endless to do list her mind beginning to explode as the tasks start riddling off. How can she get it all done? The list continues - “three meetings, and it’s almost review time, I have to get my team to meet our goals, there are four people pining for my job…” 

Her day continues like this: Running kids around, managing her workload, fighting to keep her head out of the water.

At 9:00pm when she finally has a moment to herself again, it’s all she can do to pour that glass of wine, and she would put her feet up if she didn’t have the dishes to do. Finally she lays her head down to crash, hoping her mind will shut down and end the day’s ramblings. She thinks to herself, “How am I ever going to feel good again?”

Can you relate to Sally’s story? You are not alone. 

Unfortunately, this is what most people call a normal day. And that is why I am going to share with you how to hack your day to bring your life back to balance, feel like yourself again and look like you too. 

This is no way to spend your alone time, and that there is time for you to your day.

As a mother/father requires some down time to revive and renew, to give their best the rest of the time. 

How would you like to take your life back piece by piece, day by day by developing simple habits that will actually add time and relief back into your schedule? 

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