Not So Fun Facts

Contributed by Anna Maria Riezinger

Did you know that churches and many other organizations (clubs, civic groups, fraternal organizations, public service organizations, associations and assemblies) are naturally tax exempt until and unless they incorporate?  

When churches, clubs and other service organizations incorporate to escape federal income taxes they are doing something unnecessary and stupid. They are handing over the keys to their buildings and land, subjecting themselves to all sorts of rules, regulations and reporting requirements - all to escape taxes they never owed to begin with. 

They are also giving away claim to their actual physical property, buildings and other assets as chattel, backing the debts of either the federal corporation or the state franchise corporation that is offering them a charter.  

As some homeowners in Pennsylvania recently learned when giant extra tax bills showed up in their mail boxes - allowing private, mostly foreign-owned governmental service corporations to “enfranchise” you, your homes and businesses means that they can use your assets to hypothecate debt.  

Think of it as unknowingly co-signing a loan for the USA Inc. When the spendthrifts in congress go bust, the bill comes back to you. Suddenly, like those folks in Pennsylvania, you get a $130,000 tax bill out of nowhere and a notice of eviction if you don’t pay the balance in full within 30 days.  

Whether it is your home, your church or your cow barn getting hit with such a demand, the circumstance is nightmarish. Yet, you have unwittingly left yourself open to such claims by allowing the federal and state government corporations to “presume” upon you. 

Unless you object and object vigorously and knowledgeably, the 14th amendment of their corporate constitution, published in 1868, which allows the presumption that all Americans are instead of British subjects known as “United States Citizens” or  “citizens of the United States”.  

These governmental service corporations offer you the opportunity to vote in their private corporate elections if you will agree to let them “enfranchise” you as literally, a franchise like a Dairy Queen franchise. If you want to operate in such a capacity and be considered a British subject and give title to all your private property to the USA Inc. as chattel backing its debts – well, journey on.  

I will wager that nobody ever told you that that would be the result of registering to vote, did they? 

There are even worse things that the promoters of these “federal” and “state” governmental service corporations fail to tell you about, and two of the worst drastically impact your most private, most sacred relationships - your marriage and your children. 

Did you realize that a “license” is literally official permission to do something that is otherwise illegal? 

Since when, you ask, did it become illegal to get married? 

Answer: In the wake of the American Civil War, former plantation slaves were required to prove that they were employed and self-supporting before they could marry and were required to get a marriage license. 

To this day, when you apply to the state of Alaska for a marriage license, you are creating the presumption that you are an American Negro. You are also unknowingly making your marriage a three-way business partnership and granting the state of Alaska a controlling interest in the “products” of your marriage - your children and the joint estate that you form with your spouse. 

This is how the state of Alaska gains control of how you split up your assets in a divorce, who gets custody of your children, who pays child support and how much you are obligated to pay too. They claim the right to do all this because you made the mistake of entering into an unholy alliance and let your marriage be redefined as a business merger between two state of Alaska franchises, instead of holy matrimony between two living people. 

That is why the whole discussion about gay marriage is laughable to some people. If marriage is redefined and reduced to a merger of business franchises, who cares?   

Licensing marriage is emblematic of the rot at the middle of our society. This pernicious process of redefining what is holy as something mundane, of lying about ourselves or each other and our relationships via euphemisms and semantic deceits, resulting in fraud, non-disclosure and bad faith in every aspect of our lives.