Zooming In On Alaska: Big Decisions Ahead

Contributed by Shelley Hughes, Republican Candidate Senate District F

Fall is here and winter is coming, and that means the November 8th voting day is around the corner! Before highlighting a few thoughts I hope voters will consider during this autumn election season, I first want to make an important point about the summer election season that just transpired. 

I’d like to thank those who voted in the primary election, and especially thank Adam Crum and Steve St. Clair for stepping up to run in the primary, for their willingness to serve, for raising important issues and the level of discussion, and for giving voters credible choices. 

As a result of their involvement, I believe I am a better prepared candidate and will be a better leader, and want to personally thank each of these smart, articulate, conservative candidates for their hard-fought races. I appreciate too their willingness to co-host an upcoming meet-and-greet for David Wilson and me on September 27 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the Regan building gazebo on the Palmer-Wasilla Highway. You are all welcome, by the way!

The arrival of the autumn election season means you’re likely hearing more than enough input through the media regarding the federal races and Washington D.C, but let’s take a few moments and zoom in on our state. We’ve got big decisions ahead that will impact your wallet and livelihood in a very direct way.

As you know, Alaska and especially our region of the state, is an amazing place to live, work and play; to raise a family and enjoy life. Like you, I want tomorrow to be better than today, with greater opportunities for both individuals and businesses; so our communities thrive, families prosper and children succeed.

For this strong future to be a reality, government must be limited and the budget must be right-sized. These goals have been my focus as representative and will remain my focus as the senator for District F. With your support as voters, we can pursue these goals together as we transition from oil prices that were once high.

I do not take lightly my service to you. My husband and I raised our children in this district; I understand lives are busy. You need to wake up each morning knowing you’ve got someone in Juneau who has your back, is working to defend your pocketbook, is guarding your liberties and is focused on solving the fiscal gap. I’ll continue to work hard to move our state the right direction, always considering first and foremost what’s in your best interest as an Alaskan.

You can count on me to bring fresh energy to the senate on your behalf. I have a solid track record of working effectively with others to get things done without compromising my conservative values. Don’t be fooled by “independent” candidates making promises; they are liberals in disguise who want to tax you rather than reduce the size, cost and reach of government. 

You can learn more about me and my common sense positions in the graphic as well as on my Facebook page, “Alaskans for Hughes,” and at www.alaskansforhughes.com. To share what’s important to you or to ask questions, you are also welcome to call me on my cell at 907-841-1634. It would be great to hear from you!

I humbly ask for your support and would be honored to have your vote. Please “Choose Hughes”, that is vote “Hughes, Shelley” on your ballot!