Colonist Monument Now Complete!

Contributed by Sharon Benson, Palmer Historical Society Board

Next time you are in Palmer, check out the completed Colonist monument at the historic quad in the center of town. Located at the flag area of the quad, the monument is now topped by a bronze sculpture depicting a colony family after disembarking the train to Palmer in 1935.

Palmer Historical Society Board member, Dan Strouse, and local resident, Helen Hoffman, designed the monument in 1997. With the help of the City of Palmer in installation of the base, much of the work was completed by June of 1998. The base, covered with Matanuska river rock, was topped by a block of Minnesota Swedish green granite with the inscription

                                                ~THE MATANUSKA COLONY~
                                         “THERE IS A NEW DAY AND THIS IS IT!”

A sculpture depicting a composite colony family had been planned for the top of the monument.  Unfortunately, Dan Strouse died in April 2000 and the monument was never completed.  

This past year, the Palmer Historical Society Board commissioned Garley, owner of Arctic Fire Bronze Sculptureworks, to design, fabricate and install a sculpture for the top of the monument.  We are proud to have this project completed.